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Shop Pre-Owned Harley-Davidson® Motorcycles at Rommel

Shop Pre-Owned Harley-Davidson® Motorcycles in Annapolis, MD

Save money with a pre-owned Harley-Davidson® motorcycle from Rommel Harley-Davidson® in Annapolis, MD. Our knowledgeable and trusted staff are proud to offer the best selection of pre-owned Harley-Davidson® motorcycles for sale near Baltimore and Bethesda, MD, and in the Washington DC Metro area! We have helped many Annapolis and beyond residents ride comfortably and confidently on their pre-owned Harley-Davidson®. Buying a pre-owned bike is good for testing a different model out than you are used to. They are also great for those looking to get into riding bikes but have a limited budget. Visit us today to see if our pre-owned Harley models are the right fit for you and join the ranks of countless other riders on the Maryland and Washington D.C. streets!

Why You Should Buy a Pre-Owned Harley-Davidson® Motorcycle

Whether you have model in mind or are just shopping around, our friendly staff will be able to help you find the perfect pre-owned Harley-Davidson® motorcycle to fit your life and riding style. When you purchase a pre-owned bike at Rommel Harley-Davidson® Annapolis, you get a quality vehicle at a fraction of the cost. You get to be strategic and use the motorcycle’s depreciation in your favor when discussing the price. With enough research, you can find used bikes that are like-new without the sticker price of a brand-new vehicle. If you are new to motorcycle riding, you can invest these savings into buying all the gear and upgrades you need, such as installing an adjustable backrest, adding an audio system, or customizing the handlebars and tires to suit your desired style. You can even use the money to fund a road trip on your pre-owned Harley-Davidson® motorcycle!

How to Find the Best Pre-Owned Harley-Davidson® Motorcycle

Buying a Harley-Davidson® is an exciting time regardless if it is brand new or pre-owned and Rommel Harley-Davidson® Annapolis wants to help you get on the perfect bike. We have an extensive collection in our inventory and a staff with the knowledge to help in your search. You can trust that they have the best intentions in mind because we want more riders on the road with us! We also understand that our reputation is on the line with any and every bike that rolls out of our shop. Below are some tips to consider before coming in to shop for a pre-owned Harley. If you need assistance figuring out your budget, riding level, or style we are more than happy to help get it figured out with you. And don’t forget to bring your helmet and license with endorsement so that you can test the motorcycle before you purchase.

  • Start by establishing a budget. There is no need to consider used motorcycles that are beyond your price point anyways. Otherwise, you should be looking at new Harleys! Don't forget to include the cost of buying your safety gear and getting any repairs done on the bike into your budget.
  • Next, think about your riding level. If you are a beginner, you will want to stick to lightweight options that are easier to handle. If you are more advanced, you will want heavier options that give better stability and comfort. Our sales and finance team will be able to help with any questions you have about your current riding level and bike you should be looking to buy.
  • Finally, consider your riding style. If you are hoping to hit the road and ride for hours on end, a touring motorcycle is a good option. If you want a classic bike with a vintage aesthetic, then consider a cruiser motorcycle. If speed is your calling, try a sport bike. Having your gear to test drive will help make sure the bike fits you and your style.

Search Our Pre-Owned Harley-Davidson® Motorcycles Online

The great benefit about shopping with Rommel Harley-Davidson® Annapolis is that you can do it online! The majority of our pre-owned Harley-Davidson® motorcycle inventory is online, outside of bikes that may have come recently, and ready for you to view. We include all the pertinent information about the bikes on our site but hope you do come to visit and inspect for yourself. Having the option to scope them out online will help save you and us time when shopping. We understand that every buyer will want to physically check out bikes though, so we are always willing to help once you come into the store.

Reach Out to Rommel Harley-Davidson® Annapolis Today!

If you want help finding the perfect used motorcycle, visit Rommel Harley-Davidson®. We proudly serve those in Annapolis, Baltimore, and Bethesda, Maryland as well as the Washington DC Metro are We can help over the phone or online. We hope to see you soon and get you on the road with your “new” pre-owned Harley-Davidson® motorcycle.