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You can’t just trust any old mechanic or garage with your Harley-Davidson® motorcycle, so why not bring it back in to the experts you purchased it from originally? Even if you didn’t buy your bike from Rommel Harley-Davidson® Annapolis we are more than happy to offer our advice on Harley-Davidson® parts and provide our trusted and excellent services to get you and your bike back on the open road. We train our technicians to deliver the quality services that Annapolis, MD has come to know and love us for over the past few years.

We also sell only the best Harley-Davidson® parts to make your bike run smooth and look great while carrying you through town. We also offer parts from many other reputable companies in the industry, but you can guarantee that they are at least of equal quality to that of Harley. We stake our reputation on it every day when selling them to local riders. You can also request parts online before even walking out of your front door to visit our shop to ensure the part you need is readily available for purchase.

Services Offered at Rommel Harley-Davidson® Annapolis

Having a place to take your Harley-Davidson® for servicing to critical to its performance and the technicians at Rommel Harley-Davidson® Annapolis take that responsibility very seriously. Our relationship with our customers and their bikes is the most important aspect of our company. Earning your trust is our primary mission while working on your motorcycle, so you can guarantee that we will always be upfront and honest with you about services needed. With years of experience between all of our service team, Rommel is the right place for you and your bike. All of our staff get trained on the most modern bikes and parts complete factory training every year. We make your safety our number priority because you and your bike deserve it. We hope to share the road with you both in the future. Rommel Harley-Davidson® Annapolis Provides Service Plans

It is imperative to your safety and others on the road that you get your Harley-Davidson® or any other make regularly serviced by a trained professional. This maintenance will ensure that you bike lasts longer, runs smoother, and is overall safer to ride on the city streets and highways. You will also protect yourself from having to deal with your bike breaking down on the side of the road. The other positive in having your bike regularly maintenance by the professionals at Rommel Harley-Davidson® Annapolis is that it will add value if and when you decide to sell. You will be able to get the most amount available for your make and model when the buyer knows that it was well taken care of by well-trained mechanics.

The maintenance guide in your owner’s manual will be able to help decide the appropriate amount of time between servicing your bike, but we suggest annual service for low mileage riders (less than 2,500 a year). Also, you should service in the fall to have fresh fluids in the bike when it is time to get on the road again in the spring. We also offer extended service plans to help cover the cost and potentially save you even more money.

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Rommel Harley-Davidson® Annapolis services Harley-Davidson®’s and other bikes five days a week and do so by appointment only. This helps you know when your bike will be worked on by our technicians and when you will be able to pick up. We have an early bird drop box as well should you need to bring it before we open or after we close. We also offer a complimentary washing service to help it shine as you drive it off the lot. Call us today to schedule your appointment and trust your bike is in the best hands.


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